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Good Fortune

Jun 30, 2022 10:00PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky

As I drive around Southwest Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, I am awe-inspired by the beautiful scenery, history, architecture, waterways, lush greenery and amazing wilderness. We are so fortunate. I could write an entire letter on each of these aspects, or even a book, but I really enjoy the many facets of this beautiful area. I love to travel far and wide, but I am so happy just being here, too.


I love driving through the Liberty Tunnel and bursting onto the whole of Pittsburgh! I so enjoy Mount Washington’s views and that amazing old church as you round the corner—one of many beautiful, old churches in the city—and many that I might just stumble upon driving down a country road. Turn a random corner and there is a grand, old orthodox church with golden onion domes. Wow!


Or take a drive, and you might find an old log cabin or a colonial home that was built hundreds of years ago. How about the Mount Washington Tavern, near Fort Necessity? I stumbled upon the Andrew Rabb house, in Ronco, a couple of years ago. It was built in 1773 and is on the National Register of Historic Homes. Similar structures can be found scattered throughout the region; many sitting alone, up on a hill, and I can imagine what it took to build those grand houses so long ago. I can envision the horse-drawn carriages going up long, winding driveways and really, just the fortitude it took to make roads through this terrain to be able to get from one place to another. Amazing! I love driving in the different and fascinating neighborhoods in the city and the small towns and villages.


I love the old capital buildings in the smaller cities like Little Washington, Greensburg and even Waynesburg. I am in awe of the big rivers that are still working hard, the smaller rivers and even the creeks. While much of the nation, even the entire world, is experiencing a great scarcity of water, we find it everywhere here. We are so fortunate. Let’s not take it for granted.


I really enjoy driving into the mountains and seeing the small villages nestled in the forest, or to turn a corner and happen upon an amazing, small, downtown that used to be grand, and is still thriving.


I also see the people here as a treasure. People here are generous and really look out for one another! I have read a couple of national articles recently that say more and more people are being drawn to this area. I have always felt it was one of the most beautiful parts of our nation, and I guess more people are figuring that out. The temperatures are still moderate, the water is plentiful, the forests are lush, the soil fertile and the pace is still relatively slow. This place is abundant in so many ways. Rejoice, and take in the fullness of summertime's bounty!

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