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This Process We Call Life

Dec 30, 2021 09:30PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky

 One thing I have learned is that life is a process. I am usually thinking, analyzing, processing and learning. I have always considered myself to be insightful, and I feel lucky to have this way of thinking, but I know not everyone is like this. Sometimes, in the middle of the night I will suddenly find a solution to a problem or an idea to implement. I guess my brain never stops. I love silence because my mind is always active. Some people need to have something to listen to at all times, while I can be in the car for an hour before realizing that I have been in complete silence the whole time. I am always thinking about my life and how I can improve myself, or about other people that touch me in some way. I also read a lot, and if I have a question or want another perspective, I ask someone or read about it, or sometimes just think on it.


I also have things that I do to get out of my own head. Being outside in nature is my favorite. As soon as I go out, I am transported to a place of awe of the beauty; the sky, a bird or a mushroom becomes my focus—my garden, pawpaw trees, the animals. I also have so many projects going on that transport me to another plane. This is how I process life. I also know that in one year or five years from now, my perspective may completely change. I view that as a good thing, and it’s one of the reasons I don’t assume that I know anyone else’s truth.


Even my own truth, as I perceive it, is likely to change as I grow and learn. My childhood is a perfect example. I had a difficult and dysfunctional childhood, but if I look at life in five-year increments, my perspective has changed dramatically. What I thought and felt at 20 is different from those same thoughts and feelings at 25, 30, 35, 40 and now in my 50s. I continue to learn and my perceptions continue to evolve. I’m sure that I will never be done working through my issues, because I know my perspective will continue to evolve and I’ll need to revisit those issues again from that ever-evolving perspective.


I also push myself to unlearn some things that were learned through indoctrination and continue to evolve as a human being. So many things, such as concepts of race, privilege, gender, sexuality, poverty, charity vs, solidarity, mental health, religion and spirituality. This is why I see life as a process, and I know I will never be done dealing with my issues or learning and unlearning. I really think of that as my duty to myself and as a human being. I’ll continue to re-evaluate it all as I go through this life. My mind is open to everything and I do what feels right and makes sense to me and to my soul. This works for me and keeps my head in a positive space while remaining grounded.


As we head into another year, I wish you all a good journey and all the grace you can muster while navigating whatever is around the next corner.


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