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Dealers Align Behind Electric Cars

Electric powered sports utility vehicle parked in mountains near solar panels

mike mareen/

Traditionally, auto dealerships have presented a skeptical and confusing experience for those seeking to purchase electric transportation. When Tesla launched the Model S electric sedan in 2012, it had to build its own stores to educate consumers about electric vehicles (EV) because dealers wouldn’t sell them in Texas or Michigan, for instance. The subsequent success of Tesla, Ford and GM EV models, along with a plan to stop selling new internal combustion cars by 2035 in California, have propelled the transition from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

The American division of German automaker Volkswagen is delivering large quantities of their electric SUV ID.4 as part of a nationwide launch, with more than 650 dealers on board. U.S. CEO Scott Keogh reports that the goal is to have at least one vehicle initially at every VW dealer in America. He says, “We see the potential for EV sales to double this year. We’re optimistic that this is a turning point year for electric vehicles.”

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