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Real Food for Hard Times

At Morris Organic Farm, people usually pick their own organic produce. Now with COVID-19 restrictions, they can still pick it up with curbside delivery. For now, owner Randy Morris is offering customers the option of picking their own on eight of his 22 acres. He thinks it will be easy to keep individuals and family groups spaced far enough apart in the open fields. “It’s great, I don’t have to do anything,” he says. “We’re hoping by June, things will be fairly normal and easy to comply with.” 

Morris says, “I was a backyard gardener that grew bigger and grew out of control and graduated to a farm. We moved here in 2001 to start a farmstead on open land close to the Pittsburgh community. My main customer market is to those who want to pick their own vegetables, so that I must be within a reasonable driving distance of those folks.”

He grows eight acres of vegetables, plus two acres of grains using natural, Certified Organic and conservation tillage.. His mission is to grow highly nutritious and tasty vegetables, field corn for corn meal and wheat for wheat flour to sell at farm markets, school assemblies and lectures, school field trips and directly from the farm. 

Morris strives to improve the soil in order to grow high-quality food using efficient, advanced growing techniques and continuing to learn from other farmers. He says, “I share all my knowledge with all who have an interest to learn about natural and organic farming.”

Morris Organic Farm is located at 110 Slebodnik Rd. ,in Irwin. 

For more information call 412-370-3206 or visit

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