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Natural Awakenings SW PA, Greater Pittsburgh


Mar 01, 2020 08:41PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky

Join us and enjoy this incredible line up of FREE Workshops and Speakers, FREE Testing, FREE Samples, FREE Vegan Food, FREE Access to all of our Practitioners and HUGE discounts on all of our products.

Saturday, March 7th                                                              30 min workshop 15 min Q & A 10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!                

 11 am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Welcome

12 pm- Jeffrey Niznik – How Subconscious Programs Running in Your Mind may be Interfering with Your Emotions, Hormones, & Health

1 pm- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM – Did You Take the Toxicity Test? How to do a Spring Clean Up!

2 pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH – The Best Diet & Supplements to Prevent or Reverse Diabetes

3 pm- Marianne Skiba: Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist – Healthy Hair & Nails

Monday, March 9th 

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Ron Leisey – Olympian Labs, Inc.-Helping Build a Better You…When Health Matters

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Toxic Overload: How & Why We are so Toxic & what to Naturally do about it

1pm- Becca & Judy from Three Rivers Thermography: What is Thermography and How can it Benefit You

2pm- Ron Leisey – Olympian Labs, Inc.-Helping Build a Better You…When Health Matters

Tuesday, March 10th

No Zyto Scans Today

11am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Chiropractic, Neurology, & Rehab

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Got Pain? Why You have it and How to get Rid of It

1pm- Joe Messino CN – How to Practice the Art of Functional Nutrition

2pm- Wendy Small – Pure Encapsulations: Seasonal Allergies & Detoxification

Wednesday, March 11th 

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM – Reading Supplement Labels: Do You Know What’s Really in Your Bottle? An Industry Look at What’s Inside

12pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH – The Stress-Brain Adrenal Connection: How to Manage & have it Work in Your Favor

1pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Acid Reflux, Indigestion, Bloating, Gas. What You can do to Improve Digestion

2pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Is DMG the Miracle Supplement? Research Shows it Helps with Inflammation, Immune, Your Brain, & many other Conditions. Learn Today & Try a FREE Sample

Thursday, March 12th 

No Zyto Scans Today

11am- Tracey Stroup ND – Lymphatic Health: The Next Frontier in Total Wellness

12pm- Tracey Stroup ND – Is Your Mood Making You Sick?

1pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Allergy Reversals: Being Allergic to Your Pets or Foods does Not have to be a Life Sentence

2pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Are you Toxic? How is it Connected to Your Health? Take the 5 Minute Test to see How Toxic You Are & What to do about it Naturally

Friday, March 13th 

10-2pm: Zyto Scan – FREE today!

11am- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Hack Your Brain for Self-Empowerment

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Natural Solutions for Overcoming ANY Health Challenge

1pm- Mike Gallagher CLE – Natural Solutions for Allergies. Learn about the Formulas to Help You or Your Family Who Suffer This Time of Year with a FREE Sample

2pm- Candace Wilson CNHP – Are You Exhausted yet have Trouble Sleeping? You may have Adrenal Fatigue…Natural Solutions that will Help in Days!

Saturday, March 14th 

No Zyto Scans Today

11am- Joe Messino CN – How to Practice the Art of Functional Nutrition

12pm- Jeffrey Niznik – Breaking News on Vaccine Safety Concerns: 560 Genes Altered to Induce Cancer

1pm- Dr. Joseph Honigman DC, MPH – Cardiovascular Disease: How to Prevent or Reverse and the Answer is Not Statins

2pm- Jamie Dorley BS, ACSM – QC: NY State Attorney General: Test Results are In with Breaking News on Supplement Testing

3pm- Dr. Gideon Orbach DC – Thank You

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Digital Issue
Healthy Ways To Spend Time At Home
Global Brief: Natural Thinking Spending Time in Nature Increases Cognitive Performance
More of our time is spent indoors than ever before. One of the ways by which nature may improve cognitive function (i.e. the acquisition of and goal-oriented use of knowledge) is by improving memory formation and recall, specifically that of short-term or working memory, and goal-oriented or directed attention; the kind that requires focused effort. By comparing and contrasting 13 studies, a team of researchers has shed light on this complex interaction in research published in Frontiers in Psychology. The studies used the backwards digit span task, which requires participants to invert a series of numbers and repeat them back. All demonstrated significantly improved cognition in nature as compared to urban environments. The benefits of studies like this are two-fold: not only are we learning more about how the brain interacts with its environment, but also how to leverage this interaction to lead healthier, more productive and happier lives.
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