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Dec 29, 2019 09:32PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky

Morning is a natural time for cleansing the body. Take a few minutes each morning to focus on the breath and find a positive outlook. Using a tongue scraper, using a neti pot and drinking warm lemon water work help start the day feeling great.


Evening routines are also important. Avoid eating a couple of hours before sleep to give the body time to digest. Many people also rush through their day and fall into bed exhausted. The body and mind need time to wind down. Power down phones and avoid stimulating TV shows, conversations or events right before bed. Going to bed at the same time also helps the body prepare for sleep. Incorporating these ideas will help achieve a state of balance.


Kate Mackin, E-RYT 500, is a certified Ayurvedic health counselor and director of the Himalayan Institute of Pittsburgh, located at 300 Beverly Rd., Pittsburgh. For more information or call 412-344-7434 visit 
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