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Become a Stress Hero Every Day

Dec 29, 2019 09:17PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky


Stress is at the heart of the top three lifestyle diseases: heart disease, diabetes and obesity. No one wakes up and says. “I want a lifestyle with a disease.” Stress is not an optimal state for digesting a meal, much less all of life. Most of our behavior is repetitive, so when stress accompanies our routine, we have a stress habit. Here’s a solution.


Wake with a 20-to-30minute-holistic, pleasurable morning ritual to support positive mind-set, repose our heart, reclaim our magic and reframe all stressful obstacles in our way.


Reaching up to say, “Thank You!” gets the body moving with gladness. Cuddling or coupling turns on our feel-good oxytocin hormones. Make the bed to get productivity underway. Check in with inner technology before outer technology (devices). A quick session of qigong, yoga or rebounding is great for the immune system.


As part of our personal hygiene, dance floss. Put on a smile and say, “You look marvelous!” into the mirror. Get outdoors. Breathe deeply with silent affirmation or prayer that all is well. Watch the sunrise to regulate circadian rhythms. Drink 16 to 30 ounces of filtered water on an empty stomach to purify and renew the body, clear the brain fog and aid in metabolism.


Eat breakfast to stabilize blood sugar! Check to-do lists, delegate chores and prioritize tasks. Be present and free from worry. Read for inspiration and wisdom. Hum, drum, laugh. Let the world know we’re alive. Use the superpowers of intuition and creativity with meditation and EFT-tapping. Journal our truth. Be grateful. Practice devotion to that which is greater keeps our humanity shining.


If creating a healthier lifestyle sounds like a great way to experience our personal best in 2020, consider the support of a health coach.


D’Anna V. Kromer is the owner of She’s My Health Coach, located at 1195 West Laurel Circle, in Mount Pleasant. For more information, call 724-331-3365 or email [email protected]

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