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Naturopathic Solutions to Illness from Dr. Misak

Dec 29, 2019 08:46PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky

Dr. Darrell Misak, owner of Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc., in Mt. Lebanon, has more than 20 years of naturopathic experience in identifying the causes of illness and teaching clients the process of natural healing through analysis, while showing cause and effect relationships with their health and the world around them.

Misak performs electrodermal-based food/chemical sensitivity testing, educational live blood microscopy, in-office analytical assessments to identify deficiencies versus toxic loads and location of body weaknesses, and consultations to guide private clients through the fads and truths in natural restorative health. They also provide spa and detoxification-based services such as colon hydrotherapy, far-infrared sauna, ionic foot baths, mild hyperbaric therapy and more.


He has introduced the quantum concepts of bioelectric chemistry to his profession with several publications in Naturopathic Doctor News and Reviews, and give lectures, along with running a weekly YouTube show, Health by the Numbers, a measuring system for home-based self-care that teaches practical concepts to improve health and the environment.


Misak says, “We do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent illness. What we do is analyze, support, teach and observe natural body restoration. At our clinic, we perform analytical testing to identify body stressors. Some of these tests include food/chemical sensitivity screening to identify potential foods or environmental burdens and allow for appropriate diet/environment eliminations of those burdens. We perform educational live blood microscopy to identify cellular patterns consistent with nutritional deficiencies, immune imbalances or oxidative stress to know what support the body needs. Additionally, we perform a urine and saliva test to understand the chemistry breakdown byproducts of the food you eat, which tells what organ systems are stressed and what nutritional support is needed to correct the deficiencies.” In select cases, outside labs are also done to identify biochemical imbalances and the presence of toxins such as molds, heavy metals and more than 100 other environmental toxins.


“We look for why your body is burdened and identify a specific diet, nutritional needs, and lifestyle to support your body to self- restore,” advises Misak. “Additionally, to stimulate this restorative process, we may use mild hyperbaric therapy to increase relative body oxygen levels, far-infrared sauna therapy to mobilize toxic burdens and stimulate cellular detoxification and circulation, ionic foot baths to attract out mobilized toxins within the body and colon hydrotherapy to improve bowel elimination.”


Using his background in operating a compounding pharmacy and naturopathic medicine, Misak started Vi-Telometry, LLC, a natural supplement company bringing anti-aging science with a focus of supporting DNA telomere activity to the market in 2018.


His inspiration was the 2009 the Nobel prize in medicine awarded for the discovery of the enzyme telomerase, which prevents the shortening of telomeres located at the end of our DNA. Essentially as telomeres shorten the process of natural aging occurs; conversely, when telomerase activity increases reverse aging occurrs with increased brain size, grey hair turning dark, eyesight improvement, more physical strength and more.


Misak was fascinated with this discovery, which resulted in his debut product, Vi-Telometry Essentials, available through both Amazon and


He states, “As part of a healthy lifestyle to support a healthy well-being, we encourage self-awareness. Home monitoring of urine and saliva is encouraged to understand food patterns and the body’s chemical response. Home monitoring teaches proper hydration and food intolerance, along with identifying symptom patterns that can be associated with chemistry imbalances. It is empowering to know what is causing your symptoms and how to avoid those causes, while knowing what nutrients specifically help you handle that stress.”


Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc., is located at 20 Cedar Blvd., Ste. 303, in Mt. Lebanon, PA. For more information, call 412563-1600, email [email protected] or visit