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Being the Light of the World

Dec 03, 2019 12:16PM ● By Michelle Dalnoky
Being the Light of the World 

 by Lesa Vivio 

 Two quotes that many people frequently use for inspiration are, “Be the change that you want to see in the world,” and, “Be the light.” When we imagine what this looks like, we may be inundated with images of people that have accomplished great deeds, but we might not imagine the small acts that really make this true. 

 The moment of restraint that a person experiences before saying something regrettable—the smile we share with a stranger that walks by on the street—just asking someone if they are okay—practicing forgiveness for ourselves and others—embracing our humanity; these are all examples of embodying those sentiments. 

 We are human, and that comes with errors and flaws, but also inevitable growth. Too often we are unforgiving of the mistakes that come with our humanity, and in this we dim that light inside us. We must remind ourselves that this growth is necessary to allow a deeper sense of trust to arise. As we trust ourselves, we know ourselves more intimately, and hopefully learn to fall in love with all that we truly are. 

 Here we come to grace, knowing that anything that has ever been done is forgivable, and that we are loved in spite of that. This is the divine love that was intended in our creation. We must allow ourselves to bring this feeling into the heart and mind, awakening the potential for change and brightening the inner light. 

 Lesa Vivio, the founder of Sacred. Centered. You., is a licensed counselor practicing in California, PA. For more information, call 412-258-0766 or visit 

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