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Slow Food vs Fast Food

Oct 15, 2019 01:57PM

I love our article on slow food this month. Food and nutrition are so important. Food is the basis of our health and wellness. You cannot be healthy if you are not eating healthy food. In our culture, food has been put on the back burner as life has gotten busier. Eating natural, healthy food is almost an afterthought. We cannot be healthy eating junk, processed, fake, GMO or toxic food. Even cooking good food has been pushed into fast forward.

A few years ago, I got a commercial induction cook top. I can boil water in a few seconds and sear veggies like a pro! I love it and it’s so fast! Then I made a visit to Morocco. I have a Moroccan friend, so I was able to stay with her family and hang out with them. It was a great opportunity and I learned about slow food. The food there is fresh, like it came from your garden. It is heavily spiced but not hot…. just a ton of flavor.

There really are big piles of spices in all of the stores and markets where you go and buy them regularly so they are fresh. One little spice jar from our grocery stores would be enough for one or two meals. There, they scoop up some paprika from the big pile and wrap it in newsprint in a cone shape and then do the same with a few other spices like

ginger, coriander and turmeric, and you mix them together and add them to your tagine. A tagine is the big, clay, cone-shaped cooking vessel that has an opening at the top for steam to escape.

You add your big, chunky, veggies, meat or fish if you like, and spices, and let it slowly cook. The result is an amazing, healthy and flavorful meal. Most food there is also purchased at farmers’ markets, and for about a dollar or two, you can get enough food for a big meal. If you are near the sea, you can buy fresh fish from the fisherman, and you can always find fresh bread and other baked goods at the markets.

Sure, they have canned and processed foods too, but they are almost a side note. This way of eating also brings food back into the center of life. As you stroll through the markets, you stop and talk to your neighbors and the vendors. When you eat, everyone sits around a big round table very close to each other and the table is just full of food. Most of the time, the food is served on a big tray in the middle of the table and everybody has their own little section of the food.

Slow food…. and slow life…. is like having a wonderful, busy farmers’ market every day, where you buy wonderful, healthy food and spices, socialize with your neighbors and enjoy the process of cooking and sharing a fantastic meal.