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Natural Awakenings SW PA, Greater Pittsburgh


Steve and the plants will take you on a sound journey that will soothe and heal your body, mind and soul

Steve is developing and exploring a new form of bio-communicative music: a collaboration with living plants as they respond to the flow of information and changes in their environment. The constant, natural and subtle electrical signals emitted by plants triggers electronic musical instruments, giving voice to the individual itself. During the performance, Steve builds musical foundations in a self-generative sound environment which ebbs and flows in response to the ontological values between plant, performer and other factors (e.g. time of day, geographic location, human participants etc.). The resulting live, bio-acoustic, interactive performance results in a relaxing, entertaining and visually engaging musical experience. Snacks and refreshments will be provided. Exciting giveaways.

Date & Time

June 25, 2022

3:00PM - 4:00PM


Evolutionary Minded Wellness 203 Butler Street Etna 15223 PA US

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