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Natural Awakenings SW PA, Greater Pittsburgh

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Anjali Soi

Astrology with Anjali

Pittsburgh, PA 15668

Anjali believes in understanding people and situations holistically and brings valuable life lessons in balance and harmony to her work as an astrologer and mediator. She provides relationship, life path and Soul guidance as a counseling astrologer and also mediates disputes through the lens of astrology. She is a certified elder care, business, employment and divorce mediator and also tutors students for the SAT, GMAT and school 3-12 math.

Evolutionary Astrology (EA) focuses on the placement of Pluto and the moon’s nodes in the birth chart, which show the nature of one’s unconscious desires deep within the Soul, Soul history and the evolutionary intentions for the current life. The beauty of EA is that it is not prediction based but instead aims to understand the archetypical patterns and nature of the psyche. Based on this information, the astrologer guides you to become aligned with your correct karma and destiny, ensuring that your unique gifts and lessons manifest in a positive and abundant way.

As a certified business/employment, elder care and divorce mediator, Anjali also uses astrology to resolve conflicts. With those who are interested and request it, Anjali looks at the birth charts of everyone involved to to understand their unique approaches to various aspects of life. She is then more prepared to ensure that the peace process and resolution is sensitive to everyone's needs and values. For more information, visit