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Out of the End is Just the Beginning

Jul 01, 2021 07:36AM ● By Martin Myron

The Out of the End youth program is a foundation for the black and brown community with sustainability, equity and livability. Ebony Lunsford-Evans, owner of Farmer Girl Eb, says, "The program began in my back yard with my children and other children in the neighborhood. At the time, my son had a basketball hoop in the back, which led other children around. Boys and girls would play on his hoop, and eventually one of the girls came into our yard where we were already growing things. She was interested in what we were growing and then the rest of the youth became interested as well."


She explains, "Being that I am an educator, I slowly began to set my yard up as an outside classroom where I taught the youth how to grow and sustain food. We also created rain catchers and did artwork related to agriculture. I taught them basic medical skills that helped them build confidence on how to take care of themselves and others. We eventually grew over 30 vegetables, fruit and herbs, and had a youth farmers' market where they scaled and sold their produce. With the money that they earned, they started a bank."


They encourage families to thrive by growing their own food, providing their own basic medical care and establishing their own financial institutions. "Our vision is a world of people with access to free food, free healthcare and financial stability to help live a stress-free life, advises Lunsford-Evans. The Farmer Girl Eb store, located at 1 Nobelstown Road, in Pittsburgh, sells produce, flowers, local honey, jams, herbs.


Out of the End has a board of directors to plan projects and a group of volunteers at the Food for the Soul Community Farm, in Manchester. The 1 Sound Urban Farm is under development and doing community outreach to build a dynamic team. "We plan to establish a hoop house for education and year-round growing. I also provide weekly agriculture educational lessons in a leaning center with babies and preschoolers. We build a garden every year, learn and eat from it, "says Lunsford-Evans.


Volunteers learn how to start seeds, how to compost and how to make natural medicines and garden art. There are many volunteer opportunities at the farm—there’s always something to do. 1 Sound is a community of businesses and organizations that thrive together for education, food and nutrition, medical care and financial freedom. Lunsford-Evans plans to gain access to land to grow into a full farm to feed and educate the community.


For more information, call 412-377-1773, email [email protected] or visit

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