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Salt of The Earth - Himalayan Salt Cave: Have a Natural Healing Experience Indoors

Nov 02, 2019 10:50AM

Salt of the Earth Himalayan Salt Cave and Chakra Boutique, in McMurray, offers 45-minute halotherapy (salt) sessions, a forum for multiple healing modalities, and a boutique with authentic crystals, jewelry, Himalayan salt products and salt lamps. Lisa Mascara and TJ Gentile are the owners.

Mascara holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing. She says, “I have always been a believer and fan of holistic and alternative approaches to healing. I enjoyed my job, but had reached a point in my life and career when I wanted to love what I do and to make a difference. TJ and I wanted to create a business together.”

After much discussion and internet searching, they found halotherapy, and on December 15th the doors opened. “The medicinal uses of salt go back thousands of years and continue today.” Mascara notes. “We did not consider another option after learning how extensive and ancient the benefits are. Simply breathing salt air, Halotherapy has been shown to detoxify the respiratory system, reduce inflammation in the lungs and body, and promote better sleep—to name a few!”

The partners’ vision is to create a welcoming and comfortable space where people can experience the benefits of halotherapy, which quickly expanded to include other alterative healing treatments and methods. Mascara shares, “Although alternative is becoming more acceptable, creating a non-threating space is important, because it is still uncomfortable for many, similar to the shift massage has made in recent years. Respiratory and skin issues respond especially well to the cave.”

Salt of the Earth Himalayan Salt Cave and Chakra Boutique boasts a unique blend of services and products. It hosts private group events for eight to 10 people and public events such as guided meditation, monthly sound healing sessions with crystal bowls, yoga and Pilates. Personal appointments for reiki, massage, reflexology, cellular healing, mediumship, spirit channeling and Akashic record readings are available. The boutique carries authentic healing crystals, jewelry, salt lamps and other salt products, which make beautiful gifts.

“Our cave is truly a special and healing place and salt is dispersed organically with running water, which is very soothing, calming and less irritating for some people,” says Mascara. “It is very hard to describe the salt cave; you need to experience it to understand. We have been very well-received in the community. I think people are so much more willing to experience and learn about alternative health options. People leave here feeling better, which is due to the cave and our amazing team of providers.”

Salt of the Earth Himalayan Salt Cave and Chakra Boutique is located at 504 Valley Brook Rd., in McMurray, PA. For more information, call 724-260-0472 or visit